Delhi India Day Trips - visiting Qutab Minar and Tughlaqabad Fort.

Qutb Minar (also known as Qutab or Qutub) Gates at the Mehrauli Archaeological, Delhi India.

Touring around the Qutab Minar Complex which is located in south of Delhi, India.

Entrance fee to the Qutb Minar site is 250 Rupees for non-Indians and the complex is located around 14 Kms south of Connaught Place. This very interesting archaeological complex is open daily and usually very busy with both overseas tourists often on day-out coach excursions as well as with Indian families. The Qutb Minar (also known as Qutab Minar or Qutub Minar) itself is a 238 foot (72.5 metre) high red sandstone tower, has 379 steps up to it's top and is the world's tallest brick minaret. Building commenced around 1193 under the instructions of India's Qutb-ud-din Aibak who was India's first Muslim leader and was completed by Firuz Shah Tughluq around 1386 - the minaret and complex is listed as a World Heritage Site.
It might be a good idea to visit the minaret sooner than later since apparently it is starting to tilt.
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Mughal Mosque - South Delhi in India. Qutab Minar (or Qutb or Qutub Minar), Delhi, India. Ala I Minar, Delhi India. Delhi's popular Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Delhi India.
Mehrauli Archaeological Park tombs, Delhi India. Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Delhi India.  pillars at Quwwatu i Islam Masjid, Delhi India. Ala-i-Darwaza, Delhi India.
Delhi - Mehrauli Archaeological Park Quwwatu i Islam Masjid, Delhi India. Inside Iltutmish Tomb, Delhi India. Delhi - Qutb Minar and Iltutmish Tomb itself.

Going round sightseeing Tughlaqabad Fort (Tughluqabad Qila) - Delhi's Third City, India.

Built 1321-1325 by Ghiyasud-din Tughlaq, Delhi's ruined Tughlaqabad Qila covers a huge area - stretching along about 6.5kms - however quite a lot of the area is inundated with thorns and rough foliage. For some reason - maybe because it is in the far south of Delhi - many people on holiday in Delhi do not apparently bother to take the trip out to Tughlaqabad Fort - certainly that was the comments we received when we said we wanted to go there. When we arrived at the Fort nobody else was visiting and having woken the man at the ticket office up he seemed quite surprised to see us. This is a shame since despite the thorns blocking some of the paths there are still plenty of areas to see and wander around. The Fort has many old ruins inside - it is nice to go round "done up" or even semi-working forts like Red Fort but also nice to see - with the help of a little imagination - just how these powerfull and extensive old Indian Forts were once like.
Inside Tughluqabad Fort - Delhi, India Tughlaqabad Fort Extensive ruins at Tughluqabad Fort near Delhi, India. Ruins to look round at Tughluqabad Fort, near Delhi Tughlaqabad Qila - outside of Delhi in India. Delhi - Tughlaqabad Fort Tughlaqabad Qila, Delhi India. Tughlaqabad Fort Bijai Mandal - Tughlaqabad Fort, Delhi India. Tughlaqabad Qila Underground passage at Tughluqabad Fort, Delhi India. South Delhi - Tughlaqabad Fort
Opposite Tughluqabad Fort a causeway leads to a small fort-like building containing a mausoleum which is where you can see Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq's tomb - the mausoleum is built from red sandstone and is topped by a white marble dome which is raised on an octagonal drum. Apart from Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq's grave there are two other smaller graves - which are believed to those of his wife and of his son Muhammad bin Tughluq. Also in the north western bastion lies an octagonal tomb which is said to be that of Zafar Khan, a General who defeated an invading Mongol army near Jalandhar in 1299.
View of the mausoleum from Tughluqabad Fort, Delhi Ghiyasuddin Tomb opposte Tughluqabad Fort, Delhi India. The graves of Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq, his wife and son Muhammad bin Tughluq, Delhi India. Zafar Khan's Tomb
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