Delhi and New Delhi in India.

New Delhi is an ideal starting point for a tour of Northern and Central India.

Delhi City itself has perhaps a surprising amount of things to do do and places to go sightseeing - markets, forts and beautiful gardens for a start.

Flights to Delhi and about Delhi Airport.

Delhi's airport is called Indira Gandhi International Airport and is located someway out to the south west of Delhi. You need to allow plenty of time to reach the airport for outbound flights (the trip takes around one hour from Karol Bagh for instance) because of the always very heavily congested traffic on Delhi's roads.
There is now a Metro running directly from the centre of the city into the airport terminals. Delhi airport is split into several terminals, Terminal 1a handles domestic/internal Indian Airlines flights, Terminal 1b is for domestic flights on Jet, Indigo and Go Air. Terminal 1c is for all domestic arrivals and finally Terminal 2 handles all international flights into India. This includes Air India which we have found on several occasions to be the cheapest on our flights to India from the U.K. so perhaps worth checking them out. Delhi airport Arrivals are on the lower level and Departures are handled on the upper floor. Note that some Air India internal flights also use the Terminal 2 International gateway - this means that passengers arriving on such internal India flights into Delhi get mixed up with international arrivals - the latter of course have to go through immigration etc. The whole area can be a real mess to get through since no immigration check is necessary for internal arrivals but the way through to miss this is hard to find when things are busy - certainly remember to keep your original boarding card.
Appraches to Jama Masjid Mosque in Delhi, India.

Getting around while in Delhi for some touring and sightseeing.

Buses are to be found everywhere but generally these are well and truly packed out and not particularly nice to travel on anyway. For touring around Delhi you can use cycle-rickshaws but these are very vulnerable to other traffic and it's not unusual to see them being run into by other vehicles. Auto-rickshaws - or as they are widely known Autos - are an excellent way to get around the congested city especially around Delhi Red Fort and the centre - it's quite amazing how they get through the tiniest of gaps etc. The only rule for vehicles seems to be who get can get into the gap first - traffic comes from any direction - buses and lorries never give way to anything including other lorries and buses and roundabouts are driven round in any direction half the time. Whizzing about on an auto rickshaw in Delhi is to say the least very interesting and certainly an experience not be missed even if you don't want to go anywhere particularly. If you are sightseeing and touring away from the main centre of Delhi - i.e. to the south - then the best way is to hire a car and driver for the day which will let you make up your own itinerary and at your own pace - you can go for around 80 to 90 kms over about 8 hours for a reaonsable price which will get you to most places ok. Hotels will connect you up with a car (and driver) hire company. However if possible ask if you can deal with the car company directly and pay them rather than do it via the hotel as you will pay considerably more - not least because the hotel will have to add on various taxes to the price.
Also consider using the Delhi Metro which has been quite well extended including out into the south of the city and is worth checking out - take a look at this metro map.
A quieter part of Chandi Chowk - Delhi, India.

Picking a Hotel, Haveli, guesthouse or somewhere to stay in at Delhi.

Delhi Hotels can be either really low cost (700 - 900 rupees) but these are often not particularly pleasant to stay in and probably in poor neighbourhoods. Otherwise the hotels go to being extremely expensive where you can easily pay 20000+ rupees a night for a hotel room - with not a great deal of choice in between. Delhi Havelis and guesthouses are available - quite a few are located in Karol Bagh and many more can be found in South Delhi. Prices once again vary but you might expect to easily pay around in excess of 8000 rupees a night in these depending on room choice. Incidentally once the evening gets on a bit it did not seem that good idea to be wandering around Karol Bagh's streets and alleys in the dark - certainly not on your own.
So where is the best location to stay in Delhi? - this actually depends on how long you have in Delhi and obviously what you want to see and do. If only there for a short time say 1 full day then staying up in Karol Bagh might be a good idea since for sightseeing you would want to visit Delhi Red Fort, Lakshmi Narayan Temple and Jama Masjid and perhaps the huge market at Chandni Chowk as well as India Gate. These attractions are within a 15 to 20 minute auto-rickshaw ride.
If you have say 3 days or more then quite a few of Delhi's places to visit and sightsee are located in the south so staying in the more peaceful southern part of the city as well makes sense as there will ultimately be less travel involved with just one 40 minute ride up to the Red Fort and everything else like the Lodhi Gardens, National Rail Museum of India and the not to be missed Humayun Tomb and Qutab Minar all within much easier reach.
Please see below for our two other topics associated with a holiday in Delhi which cover touring and visiting the above-mentioned places.

Restaurants and Places for Eating out in Delhi.

There are a few restaurants scattered around Connaught Circus in the heart of Delhi however it might just be worth mostly sticking to eating at your hotel - especially if you can get an evening meal deal. Overall the choice of finding restaurants for and evening out in Delhi is not that impressive and certainly don't go round to the rear of some of these restaurants and take a look at their kitchens. Things are gradually improving as far as restaurants and cafes in India generally are conerned but there is a long way to go - particularly in Delhi.

Wandering round Chandni Chowk and it's huge amount of shops and small markets in Old Delhi.

Chandni Chowk is very much "Old Delhi" and starts off just by the Red Fort and apart from the road itself has many side streets and alleys full of market stalls and shops - the whole area is an incredibly busy market area and there is little you could not purchase somewhere in the maze. There are several mosques and other interesting buildings along the road but they are quite difficult to see very clearly as they are somewhat buried amongst the general clutter of telegraph and electric pylons and other buildings.
Chandni Chowk area of Delhi Sunehri Masjid, India. Very busy Chandni Chowk markets - Delhi, India. congested around the markets at Chandni Chowk in Delhi.
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