Fatehpur Sikri in India - Visiting the Palace and Mosque - with Photos.

Ways of getting to Fatephur-Sikri - perhaps not.About how to get to Fatehpur Sikri in India.

The World Heritage Site at Fatehpur Sikri with it's Palaces and very impressive Mosque is around 40kms west of Agra in India and somewhere not to be missed if touring in Uttar Pradesh India. Orignally known as Fatehabad, Fatehpur Sikri was constructed on the Sikri Ridge by the Mughal Emporer Akbar (Akbar the Great) around 1569 and for a period was his Capital. The city contained a harem, courts, various utility buildings including a royal mint, royal palaces and a large mosque.
 If you decided to pay out for either a car-and-driver or organised coach trips then travel to Fatehpur Sikri is obviously no problem. However Fatehpur Sikri is easy to reach simply by bus if staying in Agra (from Idgah Bus Station which is adjancent to the main railway station in Agra) or on the edge of  Bharatphur on the main road since local buses and the sometimes faster express-buses run along the route passing through Fatehpur Sikri half hourly. The bus stop area on the main road at Fatehpur Sikri is amazingly busy with traffic and people everywhere mainly because there is a fairly large market situated there. To get to the actual Site at Fatehpur Sikri you can either pick up an auto-rickshaw or it is actually quite a nice walk of just over a kilometre up there with one or two things to see on the way including the royal mint. If you do go by Auto-rickshaw drivers will probably offer to wait for you but this is not particularly necessary and obviously will cost more money - there are always autos going too and from the site to hire for the trip back down - or why not just walk back instead?
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The way up to Fatehpur Sikri through a nice gate
Outside Gate
Ruins of a house at Fatephur Sikri, India
Ruins of a house
Naubat Khana and a Spring at Fatehpur-Sikri, India
Spring + Naubat Khana
Naubat Khana Gate at Fatehpur-Sikri, India
Naubat Khana
Fatehpur-Sikri, India
View of a ?
Fatehpur-Sikri's Karkhanas Imperial Mint
Karkhanas Imperial Mint
Karkhanas Imperial Mint - arches
Karkhanas Imperial
Mint arches
Fatehpur-Sikri, India - The Karkhanas Imperial Mint
Karkhanas Imperial
Mint goat
If getting off the bus from Bharatphur then cross the main road - if from Agra then go through the market chaos next to the bus stop and then bear right onto the road - this wanders along and gets somewhat quieter after a short while. Having once passed through the first Gate/Archway the road splits. If you take the "non-traffic" right hand road this will bring you past several ruins and eventually through Naubat Khana Gate and the remains of the Old Mint (Karkhanas Imperial Mint) which is well worth looking round as it has lovely arched interiors. After the Mint you soon reach a small ticket office at Diwan-i-am and then can go on into the Site. The entrance fee for non-Indians is 250 Rupees, it's open daily from sunrise to sunset and the only extra charge is if you want to use a video-camera. There are no drinks or other facilities inside so take water with you and you cannot take in food to eat inside the complex - there is a toilet available though.
Fatehpur-Sikri lovely arches at the Karkhanas Imperial Mint
Karkhanas Imperial Mint
Area of the Karkhanas Imperial Mint, India
Karkhanas Imperial
Mint surrounds
Diwan-i-Am - Fatehpur-Sikri, India.
Fatehpur-Sikri and Diwan-i-Khas
Diwan-i-Khas Pillars, Fatehpur-Sikri, India
Diwan-i-Khas Pillars
Panch Mahal at Fatehpur-Sikri, India
Panch Mahal
Panch Mahal Pillars at Fatehpur-Sikri, India
Panch Mahal Pillars
Panch Mahal at Fatehpur-Sikri, India
Panch Mahal
The outside of the Panch Mahal at Fatehpur Sikri India.
Panch Mahal Outside
Turkish Sultan's House, Fatehpur-Sikri
Turkish Sultan's House
Sunehra Makan - Fatehpur-Sikri, India
Sunehra Makan
Fatehpur-Sikri Palace Jodha Bai
Jodha Bai
Palace Jodha Bai - Fatehpur-Sikri.
Palace Jodha Bai
Jodha Bai Palace interior at Fatehpur Sikri
Inside Jodha Bai
Palace Jodha Bai, Fatehpur-Sikri, India
Palace Jodha Bai
Lower Haramsara, Fatehpur-Sikri, India
Lower Haramsara
Lower Haramsara interior, Fatehpur-Sikri, India
Lower Haramsara interior
Birbals House, Fatehpur-Sikri, India
Birbals House
Fatehpur-Sikri building
Fatehpur-Sikri building
View around Fatehpur-Sikri, India
Fatehpur-Sikri views
Hathi Gate, Fatehpur-Sikri
Hathi Gate
Fatehpur-Sikri Gate, India
Fatehpur-Sikri Gate
Caravanserai - Fatehpur-Sikri, India.

Looking round Jama Masjid at Fatehpur Sikri in India.

Jama Masjid entrance at Fatehpur Sikri.The Friday Mosque (Jama Masjid) at Fatehpur Sikri, India. You can reach the Jama Masjid (Friday Mosque) from an exit at the far side of the Palace (remember to keep your ticket as you are allowed back into the Palace area if you wish). The Mosque is located just a little way up from a parking area and the thing is it is inundated with touts, peddlers and beggars and their activities are probably some of the worst we came across whilst on holiday in India. They do not give up and will surround isolated tourists and particularly older people so be carefull. As with the main sites at Agra you also need to take care concerning pick-pockets.
The usual conditions apply when going into the Mosque, i.e. shoes cannot be worn although socks are usually ok - quite usefull on the very hot surfaces. Also take consideration of what you wear especially in the case of women.
Jama Masjid Badshahi Darwaza - Fatehpur Sikri.
Jama Masjid Badshahi Darwaza
Jama Masjid Hujira at Fatehpur Sikri, India.
Jama Masjid Hujira
Jama Masjid (mosque) at Fatehpur Sikri
Jama Masjid
The Tomb of Islam Khan at Fatehpur Sikri in India.
Tomb of Islam Khan
When finished sightseeing and presumably ready to return to the bus-stop, if you want to walk down there is a choice of the previously mentioned non-traffic road or from the Jama Mosque just wander down the other road. There are cold drinks kiosks and several of the hotels have cafes available on the way (don't buy drinks from kiosks located just outside the Mosque since the drinks are on sale for totally rip-off prices by the way).
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