Goa India and Places to Visit.

Some of the towns, a few beaches and places easily visited while in Goa plus some wildlife and boat pictures.

Bogmalo Beach at Goa.

This fairly small Goan beach is located in a tree-lined cove and is around 4kms off the Vasco da Gama - Margao main road (Vasco da Gama is around 8kms North). Goa's airport is close by but aircraft noise does not seem to be any problem/annoyance. Sat in a sort of cove, Bogmalo Beach is a really nice beach to use with quite a lot of space and several restaurants around to get a beer or some food.
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A typical Goa Beach, India. Goa's beautiful Bogmalo beach Goa small fishing boats Kingfisher patiently awaiting breakfast - Goa, India. Beach net fishing on Bogmalo Beach in Goa, India.

Vasco da Gama - Goa.

Vasco is the nearest town of any size to Bogmalo - it's a busy bustling working town with quite large fish and fruit markets as well as a really enclosed but huge general market area. This is actually like a bustling maze. In reality there is not a great deal to see and photograph in the way of nice buildings etc. - also there do not appear to be any restaurants that look appealing to go into.
Vasco da Gama bus station Goa, India. 3 wheel taxis in Goa, Vasco da Gama, India. Vasco da Gama Harbour, India. Vasco da Gama, India - Fishing Boat Vasco fishing boats, India.
Vasco da Gama has quite an extensive fishing fleet and boat building/ repair area located in and around the harbour. The main bus station is located just a little way out on the town's western side however local buses start from the centre. You can also get railway connections into most of India from here. It certainly is not difficult to see the connection with Portugal - there are still many old houses often now in a poor state in the area which originated from the Portuguese era.

Panaji in Goa.

Panaji is Goa's State Capital City and where all the "governing" takes place - the city easily has the best shops in the area (probably in all of Goa). These cater for whether you want well made brand goods or the cheaper copies - and there are of course extensive markets where you can buy fish, fruit and general goods. The city is located on the south bank of the Mandovi River and one of the interesting things is watching the heavy but rusty ore carriers doing the trips up and down the river to meet up with and unload into heavier cargo ships anchored further out in Aguada Bay.
Iron Ore Boats on the River Mandovi, Panaji, Goa India Green Panaji City Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Panaji, Goa, India. Panaji Ferry crossing the Mandovi River, India. Panaji Fishing Boats, India.
Fishing boat on the River Mandovi, Panaji, Goa There is plenty of other river activity too - from fishing boats wandering about to the small and not very safe looking cross river ferries. Panaji is a very busy city - buses, lorries, taxis, cars and motorcycles all racing about the roads with their drivers hooting and often shouting in the chaos as they more or less just fail to hit each other (or mow down the many pedestrians) - which is normal Goan driving of course. Amazingly or perhaps not so as this is India, there are often cows wandering about the main streets as well. They seem quite oblivious and probably quite indifferent to the traffic whizzing round as the vehicles swerve around and blast them with car-horns of course.
Aguada Fort, Panaji, Goa, India The Old Lighthouse at Aguada Bay, Goa, India.

Goa's Aguada Fort plus two lighthouses.

One lighthouse is old and dis-used but nice to look at and the other is a new operational version which is no-where near as attractive. The once Portuguese Fort is currently used as a prison and does not particularly offer a lot visually. All you can mostly see are outside walls with nothing much inside however you do get excellent views out into the Bay - with dozens of large ore ships waiting for the river ore-carriers to arrive and unload. Entry to the top of the Fort (obviously not the underneath prison area) is free and seems to be open every day but they do shut the entrance gate at around 1630hrs and then kick out everybody already inside at around 1700hrs. Incidentally there are quite a few hotels now located on this side of the Bay with more being constructed - presumably in competition with the north of Panaji area which has for years been much used by tour companies.

These photos are from the popular Goa holiday area of Margao.

A bus trundling through Margoa, Goa Margao market stalls - India, Goa India - Goa India - Goa India - Goa

India - Goa Three Indian railway engines near Margao, India. Margao - Goa, India. Goa - Margao scenes Goa India at Margao
stalls and market at Margao, India. Margao bus, India. Goan donkey Margao - scooters and mopeds are everywhere, India. Countryside around Margao in Goa, India.

Goa Beaches - these Goan beaches are located slightly south of Margao (Varca beach).

Ramada Hotel Beach South Goa, India. Betalbatim beach South Goa, India. Goan Beach Bar Deserted Beach Goa, India. Varsa Beach South Goa, India.
From the southern side of Bogmalo Bay/Hollant Beach the Goan beach goes in quite a straight line for many kilometres - this is a continual jungle lined quite white sandy beach with very little shade available and often little sign of human life for considerable distances at times. Further south of Margao around Varca Beach and quite spread out there are several huge hotel complexes now built - these are often within beautiful landscaped gardens and have all the facilities you could ask for - but it all comes at quite a hefty price of course.
Goa - Varca Beach, India. Beach in Goa, India India - a Goan Beach south of Margao at Varca, India. India - long and quiet beaches along the coast in Goa, India. serene early evening on a Goa Beach, India.

India - Goa Boats and Goa Trains Photos.

Durbhat Ferry, Goa, India. Empty ore carrier near Panaji, Goa, India. Fishing in Bogmalo Bay Goa, India. Small trawler near Panaji, Goa, India. Heavily load ore carrier at Panaji, India.
Railway engine seen near Dudhsagar, Goa, India. Railway crossing gates at Cansaulim in Goa, India. Cansaulim Railway Station Goa India Freight wagons Goa, India. Old guards van at Cansaulim, Goa, India.

Pictures of just a few of the various Indian Birds and Animals spotted whilst in Goa.

lots of birds live in and around Bogmalo Beach, India. Goa India Dudhsagar Monkey, Goa, India. Kingfisher seen Bogmalo Beach, Goa, India. Sea Eagle near Bogmalo Beach, Goa, India
Intermediate Egret seen in Goa Hornbill - Dandeli Jungle, India. Crocodile spotted River Kali, Dandeli, India Dandeli area of India - a squirrel Indian elephant waiting for a bun to be offered, India.
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