Galta Kund, Galwar Bagh and Surya Temple - near Jaipur, India.

Looking around Galwar Bagh and Galta Kund - The Monkey Temple at Jaipur - and a walk up to the Sun Temple (with Photos).

The Temples are located within a narrow gorge near to Kaniya-Balaji town which is around 10km east of Jaipur (an auto-rickshaw will take you there and wait for around 300 or so Rupees). The present temples were built during the 18th century and remain an important and ancient Hindu pilgrimage area. Free of charge to visit Galta is nick-named and generally referred too as the Monkey Temple because of it's huge population of monkeys. Note that if you have a camera with you and particularly if you are not an Indian then you will be forced to pay a 50 Rupee charge - and quite a lot more if you have a video camera with you.
The main temple'ss correct name is Galta or Galtaji and the area comprises of some very run down temples and three water tanks (kunds). However there is still water moving around in places and the design and shape of the variety of buildings there are still really interesting to look at - lots of shaped roofs, balconies and arches. It's easy to imagine how beautiful this all would have been when in it's prime.
If you go to the temple remember to pick up a nice 4 or 5 kgs bag of mixed fruit i.e. bananas and oranges - from a market stall beforehand, Although monkeys are meant to like bananas you will find that the Galta's monkeys - given a choice - will prefer eating the oranges. Note that the Sisodia Rani ka Bagh gardens are located on the way to the monkey temple so it's worth perhaps considering visiting both locations on the one trip. Also remember to take some bottled water with you as there is little in the way of buying this at the temple.
When we visited the Monkey Temple we noticed that there were quite a few odd looking inhabitants (we do not mean the monkeys) hanging around who seemed to be living in the buildings and perhaps this would not be a good place to visit too much into the evening or at night - or perhaps on your own at any time. There are several tanks built into the temple area the second of which is quite popular with local youths who use it as a swimming pool.
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The gorge at Galta Kund, outside Jaipur, India.
Temple Gorge
Entrance area to Galwar Bagh near Jaipur, India.
Galwar Bagh Entrance
Galta Kund Gate, outside of Jaipur in India.
Temple Gate
Galwar Bagh pavillion - located outside of Jaipur, India.
Galta Kund monkeys (India).
Temple Monkeys
Monkey Temple Pavillions, near Jaipur, India.
Temple Pavilions
Galwar Bagh Pavillion - Jaipur, India.
Temple Pavilion
Galta Kund nicely shaped pavillions - close to Jaipur, India.
Pavillions at Galta Kund near Jaipur, India.
Galwar Bagh
Galta Kund building - Jaipur, India.
Building at Galwar Bagh
Temple gardens at the Monkey Temple, Jaipur, India.
Temple Gardens
Lower tank at Galta Kund near Jaipur, India.
Temple Lower Tank
Galta Kund (tank) - near Jaipur, India.
Galta Kund Tank
Galta Kund Temple - Jaipur outskirts, India.
Galta Kund Temple
A kund (tank)at Galta Kund near Jaipur, India.
Temple Kund
Galtaji Temple at the Monkey Temple, Jaipur outskirts, India.
Galtaji Temple
Galta Kund and the Temple of Galtaji, near Jaipur, India.
Temple of Galtaji
Galwar Bagh tank - Galta Kund, Jaipur, India.
Temple Tank
Young monkey at Galta Kund - Jaipur, India.
Young Temple monkey
Monkey Temple tank or kund - Galta Kund, Jaipur, India.
Temple Kund
The top tank at Galta Kund, outside Jaipur, India.
Temple Top Tank
Tank (stepwell even?) at Galta-Kund near Jaipur, India.
Temple tank or well
The Surya Sun Temple above Galta Kund, Jaipur, India.
Surya Sun Temple
Situated on a ridge above Jaipur - Surya Sun Temple (India).
Surya Sun Temple
Once past the first buildings and pavilions you arrive at the tanks - the paved path goes up on the right hand side of these and then continues on up towards the ridge above Jaipur. A little way up the path it splits left and right - the left hand side is fairly rocky but much quicker to walk up whilst the right hand loop is shallower and easier to walk as it's designed for motor bikes to use. When the paths meet a little further on you can then see on the left and sat right at the top of the ridge a Sun Temple to look at. Beware of putting anything on the ground or on a wall whilst in the area and also keep a tight hold on sun-glasses and hats etc. - the monkeys are right little thieves and are liable to steal anything they can get their paws on.
Note that from the ridge you can walk down the other side and on into Jaipur - this is a fairly steep paved path but makes for a nice walk although make sure you have plenty of water with you.
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