Looking round Ponda in Goa.

There are quite a few Mosques, Churches and Temples in and around Ponda to take a look at.

The small Indian town of Ponda is located more or less in the centre of Goa - National Highway 4A connects it with Panaji which is around 35kms away. The area around Ponda is very countriefied and interesting to drive through. Ponda and it's surrounding village are especially rich in temples - many of which were mainly built during the 17th century as a result of the Hindu population fleeing into the forests from Portuguese opression.
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Ponda beautiful countryside - Goa, India. Paddyfields surround the small town of Ponda - Goa, India. A colourful church at Ponda, Goa in India. A Ponda church in Goa, India.
Temples and Mosques in Goa are somewhat unique in that their construction and design was influenced by the several occuppiers it endured - including numerous styles and designs with a blend of European, Baroque, Muslim and Hindu architecuture. Whereas the basic Hindu style remained, Muslim domes replaced the traditional spires (shikharas) and prayer halls have been decorated with elaborate chandeliers. Some temples also contain a tower for oil lamps (which is known in India as a Deepmal) and they also have a sacred tank. As with all temples and mosques, shoes should be removed and appropriate clothing is required if you want to go inside. Unfortunately some of the complexes do not allow entrance to non-Indians into their main temples - apparently because of poor dress code and behaviour by foreign tourists.

Safa Shahouri Masjid in Farmagudi, near Ponda, Goa, India.

Situated in Ponda and built by Ibrahim Adil Shah in 1560, Safa Shahouri Masjid is a beautiful small mosque which is also fronted by a fairly large tank. Constructed on a quite large platform this is just a single chambered mosque with a tiled roof - with entry into the mosque itself via a flight of steps. The water tank measures 30 x 30 metres and has Mihrab (arched nches) designs. Surrounding the tank and mosque are very pleasant gardens which have laterite walkways. This little mosque is one of the few in Goa to survive destruction during the Portuguese occupation.
The tank at Safa Masjid, Ponda, Goa, India.
Safa Masjid Tank
Safa Masjid, Ponda, Goa, India.
Safa Masjid
Safa Masjid's beautiful tank, Ponda, Goa, India.
Safa Masjid Tank
Shree Saunsthan Nagesh Maharudra Tank, Ponda, Goa, India.
Nagesh Maharudra Tank

Photos of Shree Saunsthan Nagesh Maharudra, Shri Naguesh, Shri Mahalsa and Shri Mangesh Temples - Ponda, India.

The following are just photos of some of the many beautiful temples which are scattered around Ponda and district. Several of the temples have really beautiful and well maintained tanks plus they have Deepmals - these are in effect candle towers.
Shree Saunsthan Nagesh Maharudra temple in Ponda, Goa, India.
Saunsthan Nagesh Maharudra
The beautiful tank at Shree Saunsthan Nagesh Maharudra, Ponda, Goa, India.
Saunsthan Nagesh Tank
Shri Naguesh Temple Deepma at Ponda, Goa, India.
Naguesh Temple Deepmal
Shri Naguesh Temple, Ponda, Goa, India.
Shri Naguesh Temple
Pillar and Deepmal at Shri Mahalsa Temple, Ponda, Goa, India.
Shri Mahalsa Deepmal
Shri Mahalsa Temple entrance - Ponda, Goa, India.
Shri Mahalsa Temple
Shri Mahalsa Temple at Ponda in Goa, India.
Shri Mahalsa Temple
Shri Mahalsa Temple, Ponda, Goa, India.
Shri Mahalsa Temple
Shri Mangesh Temple Deepmal in Ponda, Goa, India.
Mangesh Temple Deepmal
General view of Mangesh Temple at Ponda, Goa in India.
Mangesh Temple
The beautiful Mangesh Temple at Ponda, Goa, India.
Mangesh Temple
Mangesh Temple, Ponda, Goa, India.
Mangesh Temple
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